Comprehensive Care

Treatment can be as simple as a very small bonded filling to correct a deep groove in a tooth to a total rehabilitation basically starting with all of the teeth in very poor condition to missing entirely.

Comprehensive care in the office beings with an in-depth conversation about

  1. YOUR concerns, all of them.
  2. YOUR past dental history of how you got to where you are now.
  3. YOUR goals and expectations.  Then we address your goals, or expectations.  I like to use the term “magic wand” when discussing what results you want to see.  Imagine what you would do if you had a magic wand that would allow you to obtain exactly what you wanted.
  4. YOUR limitations.

We then do a general assessment of your primary concerns. This is followed by an oral cancer screening exam and general assessment of your overall dental health and the interrelationship between the different problems.

The problems are ranked in order of priority with those problems responsible for pain and infection near the top of the list.  Everything is pretty general at this point because we don’t have all the information to completely plan out all of your care, but have enough to be able to tell you the areas we need to address, and in what order to make sure you will be free of pain and infection as quickly as possible.

Taking care of dental problems is like building or repairing a house – you need to start with the foundation.  The foundation needs to be solid.  Then you add support where necessary, put up the walls, and finally put on the roof.  You wouldn’t dream of putting a fancy roof on your house before making sure the foundation was solid and the walls were strong enough to hold it up.  Unfortunately, that mistake can occur in dentistry – people get so excited about getting a new smile that they forget to build a healthy foundation first.  The results whit at approach are not good!

In addition to repairing the “foundation,” we will help you develop the personal preventive skills which will keep the problems from coming back.  It’s just like the house analogy again – you need to put out the fire before you bring in the contractor to put on a new roof.

When there are multiple problems, we usually address them in phases.  This allows you to receive needed care in the proper sequence and also makes it more affordable for most people.

Our goal is to give you the kind of dental care and personal preventive skills which will allow you to enjoy optimal health, comfort, function, and appearance – for life!